Why am I not getting clicks on AdSense?

Asked 14-Feb-2022
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Reason of not getting clicks on AdSense:

  • If you don't notice any clicks in your AdSense report, it's because your site isn't receiving any. This could be due to erroneous traffic. On my account, there is no violation notice. I also don't believe I'm breaking any ad placement rules.
  • Ads Don't Aim for a Specific Blog Audience-It's not well targeted to its audience to have a website dedicated to online gaming that displays AdSense advertisements for women's shoes. Because your visitors have little interest in those products, they do not click on the advertisements for them. Google uses contextual detection techniques to determine the possible audience for your site based on its content. 
  • Keyword Targeting with a vengeance-Although you are not to blame for this problem, you can still take steps to address it. Ineffective ad placement can also result from overzealous keyword targeting at the outset of an advertiser's campaign.
  • Your website's AdSense account has been disabled.-If you're a first-time webmaster, you or your hosting company may have accidentally stopped the Google AdSense bot. Because the bot is unable to crawl your site, it is unable to provide advertising, and so no one can click on them.
  • Advertisements Appear Below the Fold-The content that appears below the fold has a far lower interaction rate than the content that appears when your site first loads in the visitor's browser window. When visitors begin to browse down your homepage, their interest begins to wane. If you have AdSense advertisements below the fold, they'll most likely suffer from the same lag.

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