What are the pros and cons of Google AdSense auto ads?

Asked 11-Feb-2022
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Google Auto Advertising is a means for publishers to allow Google to utilise machine learning to optimise the ads on their website automatically. Only one ad placeholder code is required for your website. Once that's done, Google Auto Ads will take care of the rest, placing the ads wherever it thinks fit.

Steps to  the pros and cons of Google AdSense auto ads:

  • One line of code for your website - when it comes to putting advertisements to a website, having a lot of code on it can slow it down. Furthermore, experimenting with different ad spots/types/etc. necessitates time spent adding, modifying, and removing code, which Auto Ads eliminates.
  • Auto-optimization — As previously said, Google Auto Ads will automatically optimise for every available variable, giving the ultimate A/B testing and boosting the performance of your ads while raising their RPM.
  • Auto Ads is simple to set up with just one line of code, and it can be turned on and off from within AdSense. As a result, working with it as a publisher is quite simple.
  • More than three advertisements per page — AdSense has a stringent three-advertisement-per-page rule. This regulation has been revoked for those who use Auto Ads, which could result in a big increase in PPC revenue for publishers.
  • There are a few drawbacks to it as well:
  • Is there no way to control things- Auto Ads will insert advertisements in places where many publishers may not have expected to make money. The issue is that there is no way to prevent Auto Ads from inserting ads in places where publishers do not want them to appear.
  • Spamming commercials-Auto Ads offers a wide variety of advertisements that can be used on a publisher's website. Although user experience is taken into account, it is difficult to assume that the entire spectrum of ads, as well as the quantity of ads used by Auto Ads, will not have a negative influence.

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