What are AdSense issues?

Asked 11-Feb-2022
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  • This issue is most likely to occur when you're constructing your site, deleting pages, and moving others around while Google Adsense is active. This is a common problem that occurs when crawlers attempt to crawl certain pages on your site but are unable to do so.
  • This issue occurs when someone else uses your ad code without your consent on a separate website. Furthermore, because the usage of Adsense on the website in question is not permitted, you will not be able to earn money from it.
  • If you're running a membership site and want to use Adsense for the members-only platform, keep in mind that Adsense crawlers are unlikely to perform well in login-protected web pages.
  • The Robot.txt file, sometimes known as the 'gatekeeper' on your site, gives and refuses access to specific bots and crawlers. The Adsense bots, like other crawlers, must get past this before they can begin their job of crawling your site. When the Robot.txt file prevents the Adsense bots from crawling into your site and displaying advertising, an error occurs.

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