Why is Mozilla Firefox not working on my PC?

Asked 07-Feb-2022
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Why is Mozilla Firefox not working on my PC?
  • Start your computer again.-Occasionally, difficulties can be resolved by restarting your computer and then relaunching Firefox.
  • Remove all cookies and cache from your computer.-Clearing Firefox's cookies and cache can fix a lot of problems with web page loading:
  • In Troubleshoot Mode, restart Firefox.-Firefox Troubleshoot Mode is a diagnostic mode that, among other things, disables extensions, uses the default theme, disables hardware acceleration, and uses default toolbar settings. 
  • Reinstall Firefox if the necessary.-A bug with one of the Firefox program files can cause some Firefox difficulties. To completely uninstall and reinstall Firefox.
  • Restart Firefox.-Many issues can be resolved by using the Refresh Firefox function, which restores your Firefox profile to its normal condition while saving your important data.
  • Make a new profile in Firefox.-Sometimes the issue is caused by files in your Firefox profile folder that relate to critical information that a Firefox Refresh does not remove (such as bookmarks and browsing history). You can make a new profile that does not contain any of your previous Firefox data.

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