How can the Safari web browser be improved?

Asked 07-Feb-2022
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Steps to Safari web browser be improved:

How can the Safari web browser be improved?

  • Your Mac should be updated and restarted.-Many problems, including a sluggish browser, can be solved by restarting your computer. It should always be your first line of defense when dealing with such problems. To do so, go to the Apple menu and select Restart.
  • Close any tabs that aren't in use.-Even if you're not using them, Safari keeps several of your tabs open in the background. Closing tabs is one of the simplest methods to speed up Safari on your Mac.
  • Delete the Temporary Files and Cache-Safari, like almost all browsers, saves data from all the websites you visit in a cache. This consumes disc space, which can lead to performance issues.
  • Thirsty Extensions should be disabled-Safari includes a number of useful extensions, but they can occasionally cause more harm than good by slowing things down.
  • Safari Websites settings include the Auto-Play option to restrict plug-ins and website access-Although Apple has worked to remove plug-ins from Safari, they may still cause your browser to slow down on occasion. If you're using an older version of Safari, this is most certainly the case.

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