What does it mean when a website is not secure on Safari?

Asked 05-Feb-2022
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When you see a Safari Browser Warning, it simply signifies you're about to visit a non-encrypted website at your own risk. If you're using Safari, you may check the address bar to see how secure a site's certificate is. If the URL is accompanied by a grey icon of a lock, it signifies the site is certified but not as secure as it may be. An EV certificate, which is a more advanced kind of encryption, is shown by a green image of a lock. These HTTPS websites are typically owned by huge firms like Apple and Amazon and are thought to be exceptionally secure against data breaches.

  • If the text 'Not Secure' appears before the URL, the website is not encrypted. This Safari Browser Warning alerts visitors that they're about to visit a site that isn't secure and that they should proceed with caution, especially when filling out online forms that request sensitive information. 
  • If a website you're visiting isn't secure, Safari will notify you. Do not provide any personal information on these websites. Safari notifies you that the page you're on isn't safe if an unencrypted website has asked for your password or credit card information.

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