How are Suggested Websites chosen in Safari?

Asked 05-Feb-2022
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Safari offers a single search field and a single field for web addresses, allowing you to explore the web from one handy location. Safari will query your chosen search engine for suggestions based on what you've written if Search Engine Suggestions is enabled.

  • Any information provided to Apple when you use Siri Suggestions, Look Up, Visual Look Up, or write in Search, Spotlight, Safari search, or #images search in Messages is connected with a 15-minute random, rotating device-generated identifier. Apple may get information from your device, such as your location, topics of interest, search queries, including visual search queries, suggestions you've chosen, apps you use, and other device usage data.
  • Siri in Safari uses your browsing history, bookmarks, and open websites to make recommendations. If you have Safari enabled in your iCloud settings on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS, Siri will access data from all of your devices to create website recommendations.

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