How do you fix this webpage? It was reloaded because a problem occurred.

Asked 05-Feb-2022
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Steps to fix webpage:

  • Check for Safari updates on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS, or in System Preferences > Software Updates or the App Store's Updates tab for Mac. Update Safari if it's available–it seems to cure most problems.
  • Your router should be reset.
  • Clear Safari's history and website data, making sure to remove all of it.
  • In Safari, disable all cookies.
  • Switch WiFi networks or disable WiFi and rely on cellular data instead (or vice-versa)
  • Turn on WiFi and try Airplane Mode.
  • Your network settings should be reset.
  • Make sure the time and date are right.
  • Turn off Safari's JavaScript, or if it's already turned off, enable it.
  • Reinstall Safari in Recovery Mode (Command+R at startup) by reinstalling macOS.
  • On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, Safari cannot be reinstalled. Instead, upgrade your iOS or iPadOS to the newest Safari version (installing the iOS/iPadOS update on a computer is recommended).
  • Background App Refresh should be turned off.
  • Change your browser.
  • Uninstall Java and then reinstall it on your Mac.

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