Who has become India’s 73rd Chess GM?

Asked 04-Feb-2022
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Bharath Subramaniyam of Tamil Nadu earned India's 73rd Grandmaster. At an event in Cattolica, Italy, he earned his 3rd and last Grandmaster norm.

Who has become India’s 73rd Chess GM?

Bharath Subramaniyam is a grandmaster in the game of chess from India. When he was 5 years old, his father, Harishankkar, trained him to play chess. He began attending the 'Chess Gurukul' school in Chennai in 2014, with GM Ramachandran Ramesh as his primary teacher. Bharath began attending training sessions with GM Alexander Goloshchapov in March 2019. The sessions were beneficial in terms of enhancing his positional play and assisting him in reaching his standards more quickly. Bharath was chosen for a unique training camp funded by Microsense networks in January 2020, which was led by past World champion GM Vladimir Kramnik and past World Chess Challengers GM Boris Gelfand. In June 2019, he completed his 3rd IM standard at the age of 11 years and 8 months. In September of that year, FIDE finally accepted the name. Bharath gained his 3rd and last GM standard in January 2022, being India's 73rd grandmaster, after achieving 7.5/9 at the Vergani Cup Open in Cattolica, Italy, and raising his live score beyond 2500.