How do I add a website in Google Webmaster tools?

Asked 03-Feb-2022
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It's simple to add your website to Google Search Console; there are only a few steps involved. We'll walk you through the steps here. You must first create a Google Search Console account. You don't have a user account yet? Sign up for Google Search Console right now. After that, you can proceed to the steps below:
  • Go to Google Search Console and fill out the form. If necessary, log in or select 'Start Now.'
  • Under the search drop-down, select 'Add a property.' Your Google Search Console account can hold up to 1000 properties.
  • Click 'Continue' after selecting a property type and entering your website URL.
  • It is entirely up to you which choice you choose. The Domain option is more flexible, but it's more difficult to verify because it relies on DNS. The URL prefix option is used in this case. Please double-check that you've entered your complete URL. If your site's URL is, for example, it must be that precise URL. Remember to include the / at the end of the URL. You must also add attributes for WWW and HTTP if your site supports them.
  • Go to your WordPress website and log in. You'll be in your 'Dashboard' once you've logged in.
  • Select 'SEO' > 'General' from the drop-down menu. A menu can be seen on the left-hand side. Select 'SEO' from the drop-down option. After that, go to 'General' to see more options.
  • Select the 'Webmaster Tools' tab from the drop-down menu. This page contains all of the fields needed to pass the verification codes for Baidu, Google, Yandex, and Bing's various webmaster tools.
  • In the Google area, paste the code. You only need to enter a range of letters and digits at random. After you've finished filling out the code, click the 'Save changes' option.
  • Return to Google Search Console and select the 'Verify' option. Congratulations! You've set up Google Search Console on your website! You can now submit your sitemap after you've authenticated and linked your site. Not to mention all of the other amazing things Search Console can do!

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