When is the International Human Solidarity Day observed?

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Updated 01-Feb-2022
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Each year on December 20th, the globe honors International Human Solidarity Day to celebrate unity in all its forms and to raise awareness about the importance of solidarity.

Worldwide Human Solidarity Day is an international event day of unity observed by the United Nations and its constituent nations. Its principal purpose is to acknowledge the inherent worth of solidarity by keeping participating countries informed of worldwide reducing poverty strategies and goals, as well as to design and exchange poverty alleviation plans of sovereign nations throughout the world. IHSD is sponsored by the World Solidarity Fund and the United Nations Development Programme, both of which are dedicated to attaining global poverty eradication goals. Individuals can engage in or remember the day by educating people, supporting the poor, or helping the physically or psychologically challenged. The Sustainable Development Goals, on the other hand, push governments to address poverty as well as other social impediments.