How do I upload a PDF file to a site?

Asked 17-Jan-2022
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  • Use the file upload programme provided by your web hosting service to upload a PDF file to your website. You'll need to find an FTP tool to upload your PDF to your website if they don't have a file upload programme.
  • Copy the URL for the PDF file that you uploaded. The URL for your PDF will be generated by most website hosting.
  • Choose where you want the PDF file to appear on your website; decide which page and where you want the link to your PDF to appear.
  • Look through your web page's HTML code until you discover the location where you want to place the link to your PDF file. Go to the location on your site if you're using a website builder.
  • Copy and paste the URL where you want the PDF file's link to appear on your website (Ctrl+V). You can say whatever you want in the anchor text for the PDF file link.
  • If you're building your website on a computer, make sure the link to the PDF file on your hard drive is working before uploading it to your server.

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