How do I solve application crashes on Windows 11?

Asked 15-Jan-2022
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The crash report is actually the most effective technique to figure out how to remedy the problem. If you're unfamiliar with the crash log, it's a feature of the built-in Event Viewer that keeps track of the status and behavior of your system and apps. When your system crashes, the crash log will usually contain error messages that will assist you in troubleshooting.

To check the crash log, follow these steps:

  1. To launch the Run dialogue, use Win+R on your keyboard. Press Enter after typing event.
  2. Double-click Windows Logs in the left pane and then pick System. Then, according to the crash time, select the incident, and the details will appear at the bottom.
  3. You can then use Google to look up the error message and troubleshoot the problem more effectively.

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