What are the known issues in Windows 11 build 22,000.65?

Asked 15-Jan-2022
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  • When using Search from Start or the Taskbar, you may be unable to enter text in some circumstances. If the problem persists, open the Run dialogue box by pressing WIN + R on the keyboard, then dismiss it.
  • When switching input methods, the Taskbar will occasionally flicker.
  • When you drag an app icon in the Taskbar to rearrange it, the programme will open or minimise.
  • A small green flash may show when you activate the Settings app.
  • The settings UI may not save the specified state when using Quick Options to adjust Accessibility settings.
  • When 'Open folders in a separate process' is enabled under File Explorer Options > View, the new command bar may not show.
  • When the battery charge is at 100%, Explorer.exe crashes in a loop for Insiders using the Turkish display language.
  • The Search panel may not open after clicking the Search button on the Taskbar. Restart the 'Windows Explorer' process and reopen the search panel if this happens.
  • It's possible that the Widgets board is empty. You can get around the problem by signing out and then back in again.
  • It's possible that connections from the widgets board won't bring apps to the foreground.
  • In some circumstances, the install button may not be available yet.
  • For Insiders with supported hardware, Device Security is suddenly claiming 'Standard hardware security not supported.'

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