How can I fix windows 10 error 0xc000021a?

Asked 15-Jan-2022
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1 Answer


Let's get started with this procedure that will assist you with this problem.

  • To bring the computer into Advanced Boot Options, restart the computer while holding the SHIFT key on the keyboard.
  • On the computer screen, pick the Troubleshoot option.
  • On the Troubleshoot > Reset this PC page, click the Reset this PC button (Select).
  • To keep my files, go to Reset this PC> Keep my files (Select that)
  • Finally, choose Windows 10 and hit the Reset button.
When you reset, you will be able to:

  1. Remove any apps or programs that did not come with your computer.
  2. Reset the settings to their defaults.
  3. Windows will be reinstalled without your files being deleted.
  4. The computer will now be reset after 50-60 minutes, and it will run normally without the error code 0xc000021a.

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