How can I fix the “No boot device found” error in Windows 10?

Asked 15-Jan-2022
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On DELL, run ePSA Diagnostic.
DELL PCs feature a diagnostics tool that you may get from the BIOS and use to check for hard disc issues. Here's how to utilize ePSA Diagnostic with ease.

1. Restart your DELL computer.
2. To enter BIOS mode, press F12 during boot.
3. Go to the Diagnostics section and open it.
4. To diagnose your PC for faults, follow the on-screen instructions.
5. Make a note of any error or validation codes that appear during the scan.
You can look for more information online about the precise problem causing the No boot device error by using the error and validation codes.

Windows should be restarted in safe mode.
Even though the No boot device accessible error code prevents you from doing more with your computer, you must load Windows. Starting Windows in Safe Mode allows you to achieve this.