How do I fix Windows 10 network access denied?

Asked 10-Jan-2022
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Steps to fix  Windows 10 network access denied:

  • Take command of the directory.-When you try to access a file or directory with insufficient privileges, this error normally appears. If you're not an administrator or if you don't have control of a folder, this will happen. Right-click the problematic folder and select Properties from the menu. Go to the Security tab and select Advanced from the drop-down menu. Change the Owner section at the top of the page.
  • The window to select a user or a group will now appear. Enter Administrators or your user name in the Enter the object name to choose form. Now select Check Names from the drop-down menu. Your input will alter if everything is in order. Replace owner on subcontainers and objects is checked, and then click Apply and OK to save the changes. Some users recommend that you choose the option to Replace all child object permission entries, so you might want to do that as well.
  • Make sure your permissions are set correctly.-If you don't have the necessary rights to access a directory, you may receive an Access is denied warning. However, by following these procedures, you should be able to resolve the issue: Right-click the problematic directory and select Properties from the menu. Select the Security tab and then the Edit button. Choose your user name from the drop-down menu and check Full control for the Allow column in the Permissions section.

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