How is Windows 10 full of problems?

Asked 10-Jan-2022
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  • It's advisable to designate that connection as metered if you have a network with limited data or if you don't want Windows to utilise data in the background that could harm your foreground programmes and games.
  • Windows will only download priority updates and apps only use data when they are in the foreground on a metered connection. From the Start menu, select Settings and then Network & Internet. In the left panel, select Wi-Fi and then your network. Toggle the toggle button below to on. To enable it, set it as a metered connection.
  • If you're disturbed by too many alerts in Windows 10, you should disable notification sending in apps.To do so, go to the notifications panel and select Manage notifications from the drop-down menu at the top. If you're like me and don't want to get any notifications, simply disable the toggle button below. Receive notifications from apps and other senders, and all notifications will be disabled.

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