How do you resize PDF files in Adobe Reader?

Asked 09-Jan-2022
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Let's have a look at how to resize a pdf.
1st step: Start Adobe Acrobat.
Start Adobe Acrobat and go to the 'Optimize' choices on the start screen, then select the files you want to resize.
Step 2: Reduce the size of the PDF
Once you've opened the file you want to resize, you'll find more options at the top of the page. These provide a variety of options for optimizing your work, including file size reduction. Select 'Reduce File Size' from the drop-down menu.
Step 3: Decide what you want to do.
You can manually set the different parameters to resize your document in the new window that appears. To make the document smaller, you can compress photos, modify their color settings, and do a variety of other things. Make certain to examine the box at the bottom of the page to ensure your images are optimized when you resize the file – so that you do not lose any quality in the pictures.