How do I redact a PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC?

Asked 03-Jan-2022
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Follow these steps:

1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC and perform one of the following actions:

      • Select Redact from the Tools menu.
      • Select Redact Text & Images from the Edit menu.
      • Right-click on the text or image in a PDF and choose Redact.
      • Choose Redact from the floating context menu after selecting the text or image in a PDF.

      2. Make a note of the stuff you want to get rid of by completing one of the following:

      • To choose a text or image, double-click it.
      • Drag to choose a line, a text block, an item, or an area.

      3. When you've completed marking the objects you wish to redact, go to the secondary toolbar and click Apply to remove them. You can also save the document first, then pick Apply & Save