Should I upgrade to iOS 13?

Asked 02-Jan-2022
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Should I upgrade to iOS 13?
  • The performance of iOS 13 was, as predicted, fierce. The processors, or Bionic Chips as Apple calls them, play a big part in the speed and performance of the iOS versions, in addition to the usability and speed of the iOS itself.
  • On iOS 13, to utilise Siri, you had to first open the Siri app and then interact with it. However, in iOS 14, Siri has been redesigned to appear as a round button in the centre of the bottom half of your iPhone's screen, rather than taking up the entire screen.
  • For better recommendations, iOS 13 incorporated Yelp reviews with places on its Maps, but iOS 14 takes it a step further. Apple worked with a number of experts to develop a new feature called Maps Guides. This will be advantageous to wanderlust spirits because it will present you with a customised tour of the city's most prominent attractions.

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