Is iOS 13 worse than iOS 12?

Asked 02-Jan-2022
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  • Latest software, such as the new iOS 13, is constantly faster and more responsive. The iOS 13 is expected to be substantially speedier than the iOS 12. We also expect it to be free of the issues that plagued iOS 12. This should result in faster device performance and a better user experience.
  • The new iOS 13 settings app will feature an improved font management system over the previous version. The new font control menu will be especially useful for customers who are unhappy with the font in iOS 12.
  • This is one of the most significant improvements that iOS 13 will bring. Previously, the duration of a live photo in iOS 12 was only three seconds. This will be doubled to six seconds in iOS 13. As a result, a comparison of iOS 13 and iOS 12 reveals that the latter is more efficient in terms of photo length.

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