Why did Google not remove 'Android browser' from the Android?

Asked 29-Dec-2021
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Why did Google not remove 'Android browser' from the Android?                

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The "Android Browser" is an older web browser that was pre-installed on Android devices before the introduction of Google Chrome as the default browser. While the Android Browser is still available on some devices, Google has shifted its focus to promoting and developing GoogleChrome as the primary browser for Android. Here are some reasons why Google did not remove the Android Browser entirely:

Why did Google not remove Android browser from the Android

Legacy support: The Android Browser is still maintained to ensure backward compatibility with older devices and applications. Some legacy systems or applications may rely on specific features or functionalities of the Android Browser. By keeping the Android Browser available, Google allows these older systems to continue functioning without requiring significant changes or updates.

Device fragmentation: Android operates on a wide range of devices with various screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware capabilities. Not all Android devices are compatible with Google Chrome due to hardware limitations or other factors. By keeping the Android Browser as an alternative, Google ensures that users with less capable devices still have a web browsing option.

User preference: While Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Android, some users may still prefer the Android Browser for various reasons. Some may find it simpler or more familiar, or they may have specific use cases where the Android Browser better suits their needs. Google acknowledges these preferences and allows users to choose their preferred browser experience.

Accessibility considerations: Google strives to make its products and services accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. The Android Browser may have specific accessibility features or compatibility with assistive technologies that are crucial for some users. By maintaining the Android Browser, Google ensures that accessibility needs are met for a broader range of users.

Development focus: Google's primary focus for web browsing on Android is Google Chrome. Chrome offers a more modern and feature-rich browsing experience with regular updates and improvements. By dedicating resources and attention to Chrome, Google can provide users with a more robust and secure browsing experience. However, this does not mean that they completely abandon the Android Browser, as mentioned earlier.