Why does Android Studio IDE suck?

Asked 28-Dec-2021
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  • For an android developer, a slow Android Studio is a pain in the neck. It's not easy to create an application with a sluggish IDE. It's also unpleasant when you're working on your app's logic and get a thrill out of it, and your Android Studio suddenly starts sluggish. You will not be in a pleasant mood at that time.
  • The android studio used to be a much heavier piece of software in prior editions. It's being updated by Google to make it more scalable for developers. However, it is also heavy programme that will eat up your computer's RAM.
  • Android Studio officially requires a minimum of 4GB RAM, although 8GB RAM is recommended. It also requires a minimum of 2GB of disc space, while 4GB is suggested. However, they are the bare minimums.

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