How can we join activities in Android Studio?

Asked 27-Dec-2021
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  • Create a new project in an Android Studio.
  • Put the name of the application and the company's domain here. If you want to code the project in C++, check Include c++ support and then click Next.
  • Choose an Android SDK that meets the basic requirements. Following your selection of the minimal SDK, it will display an estimate of the percentage of people who are utilising SDK, followed by a Next button.
  • After selecting an empty activity, click Next.
  • Put the name of the activity and the layout together. Android Studio simply asks for the name of a Java class, which you enter for the activity name, and then click Finish.
  • Go to activity first.xml and then click the text at the bottom. The designing code for an Android app is contained in this XML file.
  • Start the application, then select the virtual machine. Click the OK button.

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