Can I reinstall Android studio?

Asked 27-Dec-2021
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Steps to reinstall Android studio:

  • Using the Control Panel to uninstall
  • Control Panel will display when you search for it in the Start menu, so click it.
  • When the Control Panel window appears, click on Uninstall a Program
  • It will list all of the programs installed on our system after we click on it. Double-click on Android Studio to open it. Then it will ask for confirmation, which you should accept. There will be a new dialogue box that appear.
  • You can choose anything you wish to uninstall here, beneath the table. Android Studio is enabled by default, and Android user Settings is a folder containing your saved Android Virtual Devices (AVDs), Android SDK caches, and maybe app signing keystores.
  • We're doing a complete uninstall here, so we'll tick both boxes and then click Next. Then a new dialogue box will appear; simply click Uninstall to begin the uninstallation process and wait for it to finish.
  • Android Studio files should be deleted. Go to your user folder in the file manager, which is C:Users, to erase all Android Studio settings files.
  • To get there, type your username or percent USERPROFILE percent in the window start box and hit Enter.
  • Delete. android,.AndroidStudio, and any similar directories with versions at the end, such as.AndroidStudio1.2, as well as. Gradle and.m2 if they exist, from this directory. After that, go to %APPDATA% and delete the JetBrains folder.
  • Go to C Program Files and destroy the Android folder after you've deleted all of these folders.
  • Now that we've destroyed all of the Android Studio files, we'll go to percent LOCALAPPDATA% and delete the Android folder to get rid of any remaining SDK.
  • As a result, you completely removed Android Studio from our system.

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