How do I fix the battery drain issue?

Asked 21-Dec-2021
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Steps to Fix  the battery drain issue:

  • Apps should be removed.-Go to Settings > Programs > All to delete apps you don't use from a single menu. To uninstall each programme and whatever data it has made, tap on it and select Uninstall.
  • Never close apps manually.-Despite the popularity of task-killer apps for Android, Apple and Google have refuted the idea that manually killing running apps helps battery life. According to Android's SVP of Android, closing an app can even marginally reduce battery life.
  • At night, switch to Airplane Mode.-If you're caught without a charger overnight, turning off all connectivity – Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS – will help your battery last until the next day. It also helps to avoid the insomnia-inducing blue light.
  • Remove any widgets that aren't needed from your home screen.-Many Android apps, such as social networks, weather apps, and news apps, have widgets that can be conveniently placed on the home screen to provide real-time updates. Widgets, on the other hand, waste batteries due to their frequent synchronisation with the mothership or power-sucking animations.

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