Why does my smartphone battery die after 50%?

Asked 21-Dec-2021
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  • If you've ever noticed that your phone's battery drops from 60% to 50% in a matter of minutes, only to stay at 50% for what seems like an eternity, it's likely time to calibrate the battery.
  • As a result, even when your iPhone's battery is close to die, the battery icon on the top right of your screen may show 50%. To fix the issue, Apple recommends that iPhone users restart their devices, then go to Settings>General > Date & Time and turn on 'Set Automatically.'
  • Even when not in use, your battery drains more faster when it's heated. Your battery may be harmed as a result of this drain. You don't need to go from full charge to zero, or from zero to full, to teach your phone about battery capacity. We recommend draining your battery to less than 10% capacity and then charging it fully overnight.

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