What is the Supreme Law of India?

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The ‘constitution of India is the supreme law of India ad it regulates all the functionary bodies of the nation.

What is the Supreme Law of India?

For a Democratic country, the constitution of that country is the Supreme and has jurisdiction and control all over the nation’s activities. It says that all people are equal before the law and regulations. And no will be deprived by the absence of the constitutional provision.
In the case of Minerva Mills V. Union of India, it was decided that the people of the country, the organs of the government, legislature, executive, and judiciary are all bound by the constitution of India and says that it is paramount of the land and no one is beyond the constitution.
About the superiority of the constitution, on multiple occasions, this discussion happened in the Supreme Court and basically, it was believed that whenever it comes to proving the superiority of the constitution no other statutes can overlap it whether it is Parliament or the Supreme Court of India.

This is the landmark Judgement of Indian History, this case comes during the time of the Emergency in 1975. The then Prime minister ‘Indira Gandhiimposed an Emergency in the Country.
The Supreme Court of India was facing the question that whether Parliament can make any amendment in the basic structure of the Constitution or not. This was also giving a big question on the Power of Parliament to amend the constitution.

In the Judgement, the Supreme Court clearly states that neither the Parliament nor the judiciary can amend the fundamental nature of the parliament that is the Preamble of the constitution.
This judgment of the case led to the 42 amendments of the constitution in 1976.