When was the first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) launched?

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                                          20 September 1993; launch date of the first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

                                                             When was the first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) launched?

It was the 20th of September when India launched its first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. This was the proudest moment for all the countries people. Till then Russia was the only country that has the facility of launching large and heavy satellites.
This vehicle is the third generation launch vehicle of India and instead of this it also gained the status of the first Indian launch vehicle which is equipped with liquid stages. Its first launch was in 1994, October, after completing the 39 consecutively successful missions by June 2017 PSLV emerged as the reliable and versatile workhorse launch vehicle.
The overall performance of this vehicle between 1994- 2017 was quite good and it almost completed its 48 launches of Indian satellites and in addition. It also launched 209 satellites for the other countries. This worked as a service provider as a launch service of satellites. The launch of India is the cheapest in the world by the reason of which it became the center of attraction in of the cheap launcher vehicle. The special launch of this vehicle was the first one, theChandrayan -1 in 2008, and the other one was the Orbiter spacecraft in 2013. And later on, PSLV traveled to Moon and Mars respectively.
Some of the specifications of the PSLV are as follows
1- The height of PSLV is 14 m with a diameter of 2.8.
2- It is a vehicle that is divided into 4 stages.
3- The capacity of this vehicle to lift the mass is 320 tones (XL).
4- The variant of this vehicle is 3(PSLV-G, PSLV –CA, PSLV-XL).
The payload of the vehicle is quite impressive and it can take up to 1750kg of payload tosun-synchronous polar orbitsof 600km altitude.