How many Days was Chandrayaan-1 Operational?

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Chandrayaan -1 was operated 312 Days at work. It was objected for the 2 years but the mission achieved most of its scientific objectives.

How many Days was Chandrayaan-1 Operational?

Chandrayaan -1 was the first mission of India to the Moon, launched on October 22, 2008, from the Satish Dhawan Space Center (SDSC) from Sriharikota. It has its successful operation and completed nearly 3000 revolutions around the moon. And also sent nearly 70, 000 images of the lunar surface and provided breathtaking views of the lunar Mountains and creators.

Chandrayaan-1 also collected valuable data related to the chemical and mineral content of the Moon. Its orbit was raised from 100 km to 200 km circular on 19 May 2019, the object of determining the orientation of the spacecraft, which was carried out by the onboard star sensor, started to malfunction on April 26, 2009. The ISRO devised a new technique to overcome this issue and used the redundant sensors gyroscopes’ along with antenna pointing information and images of the specific location of the surface of the Moon, for determining the orientation of the spacecraft.

Important specification of the Chandrayaan -1

Mass – it was 1380 km at launch and 675 kg at lunar orbit, and 523 kg after releasing the impactor.

Having the shape of cuboid and approx. 1.5 meters.

Payload – the scientific payload is 90 kg and has 5 Indian instruments and 6 foreign instruments.

Power – the main power source of the spacecraft is its solar array. Which covers a total area of 2.15 into 1.8 m. And generate a total power of 750 W of peak power and is stored in a 36 A-h Lithium-Ion Battery

Navigation and control
The craft was 3 Axis stabilized sensors with two-star sensors, gyros, and four reaction wheels, a dual redundant bus management unit for altitude control, sensors for processing, and antenna orientation.