What does Yaan mean in “Chandrayaan”?

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Chandrayaan – ‘Chanda’ (Moon) + ‘Yaan’ (Vehicle for Space)
 The Word ‘Chandrayaan’ mainly consists of the two words Chandra and Yaan. Here the word Chandra means the Moon and this word has been taken from the Sanskrit Language. Where it is said as the Chandra and after the transformation from the Sanskrit to Hindi it became the ‘Chaand
And the other word ‘Yaan’ is taken from the Sanskrit word where it has two meaning the first is the ‘vehicle’ that is used for the traveling purpose in the space and the other is the ‘traveling’ in the space.

Yaan means with the context to the Space technology
Space technology has been used since the starting of the development of space development. We all know that in our space system many space objects are being launched from time to time and for the purpose to carry the huge weighted object we need some vehicle that can take it to its launching point and will propel it in space. So here is the vehicle which is used by the Space Agency to carry the weighted object is known as the Vehicle of the Space.

Types of Vehicle in Space Technology

It is the third generation launch vehicle and it is the first launch vehicle of India having the liquid stages in the engine. And its first launch happened in October 1994. And it proved to be a reliable and versatile launch vehicle of India and has given 39 consecutively successful missions by the end of 2017.
From 1994 to 2017, it has launched 48 Indian Satellites and 209 international customers’ satellites.

What does Yaan mean in “Chandrayaan”?

Technical specification
Payload – 1750 Kg
  • Fourth stage engine – it is an upper stage engine having two earth storable liquid engines.
  • Third stage engine- this is the solid motor Rocket engine that provides the thrust to the fourth stage after the atmospheric phase of the launch.
  • Second stage engine- this is also known as a Vikas engine and uses the earth storable liquid rocket engine.
  • The first stage engine consists of the s-139 solid motor rocket.
GSLVis named the Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle and this is the largest Vehicle launched by India. it is the fourth generation vehicle with four liquid straps on.

What does Yaan mean in “Chandrayaan”?

Technical specification
Payload- 2500 kg.
Third Stage- LOX + LH2.
Second stage- Vikas.
First stage – S-139.