Which is the First Launch Vehicle of India?

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SLV – 3 was India’s first experimental Satellite launch vehicle(SLV)

                                                                      Which is the First Launch Vehicle of India?

SL – 3 was successfully launched on 18 July 1980, from theSriharikota Range (SHAR). The engine has all solid four-stage and the weight of the vehicle was 17 tonnes and the height of the vehicle was 22 meters and was capable of carrying 40 Kg of payload in the LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

History of SLV
The experiment of the SLV was started in August 1979, but it was, unfortunately, a failed mission that couldn’t be succeeded due to several reasons. The project of making this launch vehicle was started in 1970 and was intended by the Indian Space Research Organisation. The main objective of the project is to launch the Satellite of the nation. Initially, it was intended to carry the load only to the distance of 400 Km only and the payload of about 40 Kg only.

The vehicle launches four experimental launches all from the SLV launch pad, Sriharikota. The first two launches were (E) and the next two launches were named the D. the first launch was a failure and the rest of the three launches were successful in which the second last one was partially successful.
From the start, it takes almost 7 years to realize the vehicle from start. The solid motor case for the first and second stages are fabricated from 15-CDV6 steel sheets and the third and fourth stages from Fiber-reinforced plastic.
The launch date for all the launches is also different as the first launch of SLV is 10 August 1979 and the fourth and final launch date is 17 April 1983.

Dr. Abdul KalamParticipation
Abdul Kalam was the project director of the SLV-III mission. This was the first Indian Mission that developed the First domestic Missile. He joined the ISRO in 1969 and work here approx. 12 years and later on, he was again rejoined in the DRDO in 1982, and here he planned and launched several successful missiles, which helped him to earn the nickname of the “ Missile Man”. Among those successful missions, the Agni also included, which was the incorporated part of the SLV-III. The Agni was launched in 1989.