What are your strong and weak points?

Asked 16-Oct-2021
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My strong points include the fact that I've always loved to work in groups and consider collaboration to be one of my best qualities.
My greatest strength is also my ability to write. I'm a good multitasker and have never missed a deadline.
It gives me great pleasure to learn about people's needs and to develop solutions to assist them in accomplishing their goals.
I'm an empathic individual who excels at relating to others and comprehending their needs.

My biggest strength, I believe, is my ability to solve difficulties swiftly and effectively. I have the ability to observe a subject from numerous perspectives, making me particularly qualified to complete my work even under difficult circumstances. That problem-solving allows me to communicate more effectively. I'm equally at ease chatting with top executives as I am with junior team members. I believe that my ability to see all aspects of a problem will make me a valuable member of the team.
My work ethic and willingness to step in when needed are my most valuable assets. I'm not scared to take on a challenging customer or work on a project that no one else wants since those are the ones that teach me the most. I usually enjoy going above and above my job description and doing whatever is required of me. I'm not above any task, and I'm proud of my ability to step in and adapt to any circumstance in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the organization

These are all my strong point. And the weak point is,

I have a tendency to want to complete jobs entirely on my own, without the assistance of others. In the past, this put me under unnecessary stress and anxiety.