How to check if your content has performed well or not?

Asked 15-Oct-2021
Updated 28 days ago
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What you have write is your choice basically. If you want to check that your content has performed well or not, you have to be very clear to your plot.

First check the fact you write and start analysing that whatever you write is authentic and true ad then keep marking the mistakes you committed on content, it will help you to be more clarified.

Now second, share your content with others to take opinion on that which will be more helpful to your content performance. If they give good feedback that's good but if not make a list and start working on that and edit that.

Another thing is that whatever you write is giving you the sense of thinking like if it's your thoughts do you really think that the content made you think to raise the action if yes than better but if not start thinking.

Check the fact always and discuss with others to make it well performed..

Your thoughts should be cleared and make grammatical mistake free always. These are ways you can check whether content has performed well or not..

In the last I'm adding a point that always be updated because writing a content is not easy but if you are making it beautiful that's the art for the content…