What content management systems have you used?

Asked 15-Oct-2021
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The content management system is well known for its abbreviated form that is CMS. It is an application that helps to create and manage a website.

Examples of the content management systems (CMS) are:-

(1) Word press
(2) Joomla
(3) Drupal
(4) Squarespace
(5) Shopify
(6) Blogger
(7) Magento
(8) Wix
(9) Opencart
(10) Bitrix24
The benefits of CMS are:-
(1) Expandability: One can add more features and feel free to make design decisions without depending on any underlying code.
(2) User convenience and access permission: It allows one to make your own changes and also grants permission for viewing visitors and encroachment of the website.
(3) Media Management: One can upload photos and embedded videos without depending on the other web server.
(4) Version control: One can easily view the history of all edits.
Why word press considered best CMS among the other CMS’s
There are several reasons why word press holds the strongest market share in CMS’s markets
(1) Word press allows its users to build any kind of website.
(2) Word press provides a huge library of extensions called themes and plugins.