What is Database SQL Server?

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Definition of SQL server and also define its feature.

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Introduction of SQL Server -

SQL is a Standard language which stands for Structured Query Language. It is used for accessing and manipulating database. It provide facility to perform action on database such as – create databases, delete databases, create tables in database, delete tables from database and also update the tables. SQL provide some queries to perform on database and tables such as- insert, select, delete, update, alter etc. We can add data in database and access data from database update data in database.


RDBMS is Relational Database Management System. It is used for SQL for storing the data in database because it is a system for storing the data in database it stores the data in database in tubular form which called Tables in database. Tables is object of its database and stored collection of related data. It has rows and columns.

Following is a table(‘StudentDetails’) that stores record of Student(student Id, student Age, student Name and student Course) in the database.

                                                                                                                                           What is Database SQL Server?

Features of SQL Server :

    There are some features of SQL Server  is as follow-

1- Easy to Use-

    SQL server is easy to use because you can create new table easily and drop or delete previous created table that is not in used from your database. It have commands that are easy to learn and used.

2- High Security-

    SQL provide high security of data. you can not directly modified data in database though your application. It have store procedure, views and tables that appear in visual studio IDE. If you have make changes in data then it will modified in procedure not directly in database.

3- Easy to Manage-

    SQL language almost uses in every RDBMS for creating database.  It provide some SQL command that managed large amount of data in database i.e. 'CREATE', 'SELECT', 'INSERT', 'DELETE',   'UPDATE', 'DROP'. Also these SQL command is easy to use.

4- Open Source Language-

    SQL is an open source programming language that help to create Relational Database Management System.

5- Support Robust Transaction-

    SQL support large amount of records and numerous transaction.