What is Pseudo Selectors in html?

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pseudo-selectors are used to selecting the Html element on the web page. this pseudo selector is select a particular element. like selecting the first line of code, selecting the link, selecting the first letter, selecting the first child and n-th child, etc from the Html page. pseudo select any element fastly.

Pseudo Selector works in two ways

  1. Pseudo element
  2. Pseudo class

Pseudo element selector 

    pseudo-element selectors are used to selecting the single elements. like, change the color of the first letter, first line, etc.

selector :: pseudo element{
    property-name: value;

Pseudo class selector

    There are some pseudo-classes in CSS which are used to define special states of an element. With the use of pseudo-classes, we can apply a style to that element in a particular state of an element. E.g. To change the color of a visited, active, hover link.

selector : pseudo-element {

  property-name : value;

Some name of the selector

: link unvisited link 
: visited visited link
: hover mouse over link
: active selected link
:: first-line selecting the first line
:: first-letter selecting the first letter
:: before show data before complete precess
:: after show data after complete the process
:: marker styles the markers of list items
:: selection  makes the selected text


<!DOCTYPE html>

p::first-letter {
  color: #ff0000;
  font-size: 200%;
p::selection {
  color: white;
  background: black;

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