How does meditation help in beating everyday tension?

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There are bound to be different situations of frustrations, anger, guilt and other kinds of tensions in life. We cannot buy medicines to rectify everything in life. 

Thus, we may perform meditation as a healing aid to all our problems. It helps in healing, nurturing and relaxing our mind. Meditation is not the cause of mind wandering but rather meditation reveals it, and that’s a good thing. The fact that you notice your mind wandering is positive.

How does meditation help in beating everyday tension?

We all usually have a lot of suppressed frustration and restlessness within. Meditation allows us to bring that up to a conscious level. And what we are aware of we can process, digest and eventually let go of.

How meditation helps us is in two different abilities:

  • Concentration or focus: as a beginner, you may focus your mind onto one thing/thought/or chant anything...The practice is to direct your attention towards that object. However,  your attention goes somewhere else and it happens with time. That is why a lot of beginners easily get frustrated when meditating. But the key to it is realizing that wandering of mind is normal
  • That's where the second thing comes into existence, i.e. our ability to be aware or mindful. This helps us in realizing that wandering and frustrating is okay during meditation. Awareness or mindfulness means to be conscious of thoughts and feelings. When you notice a thought or feeling (like frustration), you are doing what you are supposed to. Our mind is bound to go somewhere else and our body is bound to  be uncomfortable for being still for a long period of time.

But at the end, what helps us is overcoming these difficulties   A key here is to adopt an attitude of serenity and acceptance towards anything that grabs your attention. Accept that it expresses itself. It is there anyway. 

What you should not do is train your mind to have any kind of ideals or false expectation of how meditation should be. You begin your meditation in the state of mind you were in before you started. You bring your thoughts, feelings and frustrations with you on your meditating mind. Thus, every-day frictions will be the first thing to occupy your mind. By noticing them, you will surpass them.

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There is yet another thing which can help you deal with everyday frustrations- by combining yoga into meditation:

  • By placing meditation at the end of a long session of yogic techniques, it becomes much more accessible and profound.
  • By doing yoga poses, breathing exercises, yoga nidra and other techniques, you can remove restlessness, increase calmness and concentration before you attempt meditation.

How does meditation help in beating everyday tension?

Here is the way how meditation, combined with Yoga eases your mind, lets you accept things graciously and move on with them without carrying any baggage.