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When a marriage begins, it is very natural and healthy for the couple to feel excited. After all, being close to the person you have chosen to share all the moments of your new life is an incredible feeling, which is completed by everything that the newlyweds find when everything is new: new furniture, new habits and even a new apartment!

However, this excitement should not be a reason for the couple to neglect the economy, a fundamental component for the tranquility of the marriage to last for a long time. To do so, it is necessary to avoid the mistakes that couples normally make when saving money, which is what we will talk about in this post. Check out!

Forgetting goals

Getting married is the fulfillment of a very important dream and fulfilling it can make you relax a little and forget about other goals. Therefore, after the honeymoon, we must remember that a new life has started and that those goals set before the wedding require work and dedication to be achieved.

Do not plan

Buying the new apartment , changing cars, having a child and making the trips so dreamed, among the many other desires created by the couple before the wedding are goals that require planning. After all, without planning it is not possible to know how much it will cost to realize the dream and, without this reference, the incentive to save ends up decreasing.

Spend it all

The new married life is always an invitation to new expenses. Going out often, traveling more, having romantic dinners, in short, enjoying these initial moments is very nice, but you shouldn't consume everything you earn. So be sure to keep a reserve of money for contingencies and savings.

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Do not cut the “umbilical cord” with parents

The little help at the end of the month that often comes as a family caress, is too good and can be providential. However, if one of the two or if the two keep this financial bond tied to their parents, financial maturity is unlikely to come - and without that maturity, it is very difficult to think about economics.

Do not control individual spending

When a person is single, most of what he produces can be directed to his life, his outings, his routine and individual plans. However, when a marriage begins, the sharing of financial responsibilities also begins. It is useless if one has absolute control over how much he earns and how much he spends if the other does not do the same. Worse still when the two do not understand their own expenses and are unable to control them.

In any case, the lack of control can compromise the ability to pay common bills - water, electricity, telephone, condominium, provision of financing, etc. - and, of course, make saving difficult.

Deprive yourself of everything

At the other extreme, there are those couples who choose to deprive themselves of everything in order to save money. They stop going out, seeing friends, celebrating the new life. In fact, this may cause some savings to emerge in the beginning, but boredom is very likely to make this effort not last long. In addition, when the couple decides to give up deprivation, they end up spending everything at once with expenses that have nothing to do with the goals set.

In other words, it is best to seek balance and make money become an ally of marriage. Planning, understanding common and individual expenses, and setting goals it is quite possible that life as a couple will be full of achievements and with a lot of savings.

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