What do you know about the life of Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji (President of India)?

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What do you know about the life of Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji (President of India)?

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India’s 14th President Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji has been serving the nation since 25 July, 2017 by his humble, modest and an all-round personality. Why do I say so?
He was born in a decent family at Kanpur, district of Uttar Pradesh. Coming from a modest background, he evolved the same way. He attended school and higher studies in Kanpur itself. First he studied Bachelor of Commerce and then attained his Law degree from the Kanpur University.
What do you know about the life of Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji (President of India)?

Professional Career:
Before starting his career as a professional advocate, he prepared for the Civil Services Exam in New Delhi, and gave 2 attempts of the same. However, in his 3rd attempt he was selected in Indian Allied Services but did not wish to join. Thus, he chose not to join the services and continue his career as an advocate.

• Started his career as the advocate with the Bar Council of New Delhi- 1971
• Then he served as Counsel of the Union Government in the Delhi High Court- 1977 to 1979
• Served as Private secretary to then Prime Minster, Moraji Desai- 1977
• Then he became an Advocate-on-Record with the Supreme Court of India- 1978
• Served as Standing Counsel for the Union Government in the Supreme Court- 1980-1993
• He served as a Member on the Board of Management of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Lucknow
• Member on the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.

He always provided aid to the weaker and vulnerable sections of the society, especially the poor, women and children under Free Legal Aid Society of New Delhi, during his stay in New Delhi

Work in the Parliament of India and in Bihar as the Governor:
• Got elected as a Member of Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh- April 1994. During his tenure as Rajya Sabha member he helped in the construction of school buildings in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh under the Uttar Pradesh and MPLAD (Members of Parliament Local Area Development) scheme.
• Addressed the UN General Assembly as a member of Indian delegation- 22 October, 2003
• Served as the member for 6 years in Parliament till 2006 and gathered an in-depth knowledge and experience about the working of the Parliament.
• He was appointed Governor of the State of Bihar- 8 August 2015.
• He was also the Chancellor there and introduced many improved technical reforms for the smooth working of State Universities
• Introduced transparency in the appointment of Vice-Chancellors

During his tenure as the Governor, he was appreciated for his Constitutional values, statesmanship, sagacity and abiding by democratic ethos.

His vision: “creating an optimal partnership between citizens and their representatives in the Government”.
Shri Kovind Ji has always been instrumental in deep social empowerment and the upliftment of women, including greater participation in nation-building by them. He has also been actively creating more opportunities for the deprived sections, especially the disabled and the orphans.

After serving as the Governor of Bihar he was elected as the first citizen, i.e. the President of India because of his achievements, humility, mettle and experience. Being of a modest and empathetic nature, he is serving as the leader of the largest democracy of the world. He uses his foresight and humanitarian approach as the President.

Other Facts:
• During his foreign visits as the President of India he has conveyed India’s timeless message of peace, progress and harmony to the world.
• For being the President of India he has received highest State honours from six countries, namely Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea, Eswatini, Croatia, Bolivia and Republic of Guinea.
• He is married to Smt. Savita Kovind and the couple has a daughter and a son.
• Being an ardent reader, he has interests in books on politics and social change, law, history and spirituality.
• Shri Kovind Ji is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India