What is Silicon Valley and where is it located?

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Silicon Valley is the United States headquarters for imaginative technology corporations. It is located south of San Francisco, California. It is house to 2,000 technological giants, the crowded attention in the world. This vicinity to suppliers, clients, and cutting-edge analysis provides each and energetic objective.

What is Silicon Valley and where is it located?

Even additional importantly, most of these m are moreover administrators in their enterprises. These comprise software, social media, & additional usages of the internet. Their organizations also generate lasers, fiber optics, robotics, & medical tools.

Silicon Valley establishes a hub for creative corporations to evolve extreme profit. That establishes jobs, further tax revenue, & higher stock rates. It provides the U.S. a comparative benefit over different regions. 

What is Silicon Valley and where is it located?

The extensively well-known Silicon Valley corporations are Apple, Facebook, Google, & Netflix. The region moreover launched Tesla, Twitter, Yahoo!, & eBay. There are several business assistance corporations such as Cisco, Oracle, Salesforce.com, Hewlett-Packard, as well as Intel. Other corporations comprise Adobe, Intuit, & Zynga.