Do MindStick have its own HTML sitemap?

Asked 22-Jan-2021
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Yes, MindStick has its own Sitemap.
A site map is a listing of pages of a web site within a domain.
An HTML sitemap is an HTML sheet on which all sub-pages of a website are recorded. It is associated with the footer section of a web site, hence visible for all the visitors on the web site.
In distinction to XML sitemaps, HTML sitemaps are generally designed for users, as they assist them to make a summary of the construction of your site and navigating within all the subpages. 

How to reach at the HTML Sitemap of MindStick?
  • To reach to the MindStick Sitemap section you have to go to the Official MindStick Home page at 
  • Now scrolling down to the footer section your will find the "Direct Navigation" menu, under that menu you will find the "Sitemap" button which will locate you to the following page.

Do MindStick have its own HTML sitemap?

  • A new "Sitemap" window will appear shown as below. 

Do MindStick have its own HTML sitemap?