How much sex education is needed in India?

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How much sex education is needed in India?

Accurate knowledge of sex is as important as knowledge of other subjects. In our country, sex education is not given even in medical colleges, as a result of which superstitions, misconceptions, and many problems related to sex arise.

If sex education is given at the right age, then serious and incurable diseases like adolescent motherhood, unwanted pregnancy, sexual offenses, latent diseases, and AIDS can be avoided. Also, problems related to sex, such as guilt, impotence, dreamlessness, metallic disease, and penis size, resulting from masturbation, can be easily cleared of various misconceptions.

There is a need for a pan India debate on this subject, but in view of the changing environment and the curiosities of youth, sex education can be given from 9th to 10th class because of age group of 13-14 years. Physical changes occur in boys and girls at this age.

By getting the right sex education, boys and girls will not be afraid of their physical changes, will not think negatively, and become responsible citizens by taking physical changes easily. Unfortunately in our country scientific and logical aspects of sex are not openly discussed. Talking on this subject is also considered taboo, while the genitals are also the same part of the body as other organs.

Will sex education not increase the tendency of boys and girls to experiment? On this question, an illusion is there. The records of Sweden, Norway, and other countries show that after sex education there is less interest in having using sex and the right information calms all those curiosities, whose use or want to fulfill. Not only this, in countries where sex education was imparted, there was a decrease in sex-related crimes.

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