Should India show its real position to China and Pakistan?

Asked 16-Sep-2020
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Has the forces in India's north (China) and west (Pakistan) spoiled the situation so much that India may have to fight 'two-fronts.
Is there a possibility that China and Pakistan should be on one side and India will have to fight both? Due to the continuous 'export' of terrorism in India and the promotion of Kashmiri separatism, the situation has become so bad that we are having a good enmity with Pakistan.
If the kind of tension continues, it can turn into a war at any time. If China has made a big investment in Pakistan, then both can come together in the event of any war. 
What will be the result if the friendship between two enemies and our two enemies? Both can attack together. If we take any action on Pakistan, China can pressurize us. If China takes any step against China, then Pakistan can support it.
At the time of the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistan War, Pakistan hoped that China would come forward to help it, which would open a second front for India and the war would be inclined towards Pakistan. 
The only difference is that this time it is being understood that Pakistan can wage war against India in support of China.
If the battle starts, India will give a full fight to the enemies with weapons, strategy and all other preparations. But experts say that it is impossible for the world to let the war go on for so long between the three nuclear powers.