How can we present our participation in the mission of Modi Ji's "Self-reliant India" ?

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On this August 15, PM Modi has talked in detail about the government's plan to make India self-reliant.

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How can we present our participation in the mission of Modi Ji

The Prime Minister emphasized that India should see the COVID-19 pandemic crisis as an opportunity. In the current era of globalization, the definition of self-reliance has changed. Self-Reliance is different from Self-Centered. 
India believes in the concept of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. Since India is a part of the world, India progresses, so it also contributes to the progress of the world.
The creation of 'self-reliant India' will not exclude globalization but will help in the development of the world.
Self-sufficient India will stand on five pillars:
Which is based on Quantum Jump in place of Incremental Change;
Infrastructure that becomes the hallmark of modern India;
Systems based on 21st century technology-driven systems; 

Vibrant Demography:

Which is a source of energy for self-reliant India
The full potential of India's demand and supply chain must be harnessed. A man should be self-reliant and self-confident in life rather than trusting others. In other words, self-help should be the basic principle of his life, the basic ideal, and the fundamental system of his purpose. Unrestrained nature and being surrounded by human conditions completely blocks the path of self-confidence. 
He lives in a society where mutual aid and cooperation prevails. He gives with one hand and takes it with the other hand. This statement seems appropriate to an extent. This false proof is done when nothing is given in return, it is taken only and when the rights are consumed in the world without subsisting gratitude, begging and stealing and plundering, but no exchange.
Yet complete self-reliance is impossible. Such steps come in life when self-confidence can be awakened. By nature, we are financially dependent on others. We believe in the help, sympathy, empathy, kindness of others more than necessary, but this habit is harmful. This leads to the loss of our power and self-industrial spirit. This habit helps us with a sense of inferiority.