which country is not democratic

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which country is not democratic

A country that has no democratic rule system is known as a non-democratic country.  Till now there are 123 equitable nations according to the UN . 

Most significant nations without a democratic type of government :-
Qatar is one a couple of stayed supreme governments on the planet. Total Monarchy is one where one individual has unlimited political control over a state. Life in Qatar is generally tax-exempt.
In any case, you do pay for things like there is a no-shoulder-no-knee rule for ladies. In the event that you are meagerly clad, you will be approached to leave the premises immediately.
Cuba is a communist state and all the forces have a place with the rich gathering of the nation. Basic liberties infringement is exceptionally basic in Cuba as residents are viewed as captives to the blue-bloods.  
This gathering of well off individuals is liable for settling on all the choices for the nation and they frequently are not for the overall population.
China is the greatest communist state. It is controlled by a party called the Communist Party of China. They have a fixed command over its populace as they don't need China to be impacted by western philosophies.  
China is prominently known for hindering the world's top of the online sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and numerous others. Freedom of speech is non-existent in China. On the off chance that anything 'mystery' is sent over the web, it is viewed as a criminal offense and the individual is imprisoned for two-four years.
There is an outright government in Saudi Arabia as the King of Saudi Arabia settles on all the choices for the state. The administration depends on Islamic law and is overwhelmed by the imperial family. There is no lawfully limited constitution in Saudi and Quran and Sunnah remain the controlling books.  Torment and abuses are normal and the legal disciplines are unfathomably cruel.  
On the off chance that an individual is accused of theft, his hands and feet are severed. Everyday environments are bad as there is no opportunity of articulation and ladies' privileges are non-existent.
North Korea was before a socialist state, however, all the socialist references were expelled from the constitution in 2009. On papers, today is an equitable republic, and the government is chosen by a mystery voting form. It is still a communist and authoritarian form of government. 
Tragically, the fact of the matter is a long way from this. What happens is that there are just single-competitor elections and any individual who needs to cast a ballot against that up-and-comer needs to go to another private booth to do as such, which is hazardous.
Along these lines, North Korea is fundamentally run under an autocracy. Discussing basic liberties, there are various assault arguments against high authorities however such news is constantly concealed and at times even boasted.