how to become an actor

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how to become an actor

How to become a Bollywood Actor / Actress

Career in Bollywood Acting- Are you dreaming of becoming an actor or an actress in the Bollywood film industry. Do you want to know how to become a Bollywood actor, then you are reading the perfect post. I have also worked as an assistant director in a lot of TV serials in the Film Industry, so that we are well aware of Film Making. The purpose of writing this post is that I give you the right information about Bollywood acting career. I have read many articles, which only give you basic information, while the truth of the acting field is something else. Here, we will give you many information which nobody has told you till now. In this post, we will give you accurate and correct information about how to become a Bollywood Actor. I will tell here some things which are not often known, only because of this people do not get success in Acting Career. If you have a doubt in your mind that how to become a Bollywood Actor, then after reading this post, all your doubts will go away.
how to become an actor
In this post, we will tell you about all the nuances of Acting Career. Which will help you become an actor. In this post, we will tell you whether you should do Acting Course to go to Bollywood Acting. If you do an acting course, then where should you do it. So that success can be found easily. What are the best acting institutes. Also what is the fee for Acting Course. What is career scope in acting. How do you find work in a film? What is its entire process. Do people make mistakes, so that they do not become Actor. We will discuss all these in this post.
how to become an actor
Nowadays many people dream of making a career in Film Acting or Bollywood Acting. If you too have dreamed of becoming an Actor, then you can enter this field by doing Acting Course after 12th or graduation. At present, it is not necessary to be educated to start a career in Acting. If your acting skill is good and the pronunciation of words is correct, you have a good grasp on the Hindi language, then you can fulfil your dream of becoming an Actor in the Film Industry by auditioning without taking an Acting Course. But you have to be at least 12th pass to do Acting Course.
how to become an actor
The second thing is that there is no fixed age for Acting Career. People of all ages can pursue careers in Acting Field. Whether they are children, old or young, there is a work for everyone here. If you feel that your acting skill is not right, then you should first join an acting institute and take an acting course. After this, you can become an actor by qualifying Audition.

The advantage of doing an acting course will be that you will get a good understanding of the Acting Field and there you will also get the right guidance for Acting Career. Apart from this, practice is also given about how auditions are given for Film or TV Serial. With which you will be able to crack the audition of a film or TV serial easily by practicing acting and audition correctly. Now let us tell you what is a scope of Career in Acting.
how to become an actor
Career Scope in Bollywood Acting
If we talk about acting career in Film Industry, then there is a very good career scope in this sector. That's because in today's time the film industry has taken the form of a very big business. Especially in Bollywood, many films are made every year. If you have talent in you, then you too can act or play in these films. After this many production houses produce TV Serial, you can get a chance here too. Along with this, you can also try hands in South Cinema and Bhojpuri Cinema.

You can host various TV shows. Can work in Ad Films. In the last few decades, the work of Film Making has grown very fast. Therefore work opportunities for actors have also increased here. If you have talent and acting skills, you can find work a little easier.
how to become an actor
Acting Course for Career in Acting
You can do an Acting Course to improve your acting skills. By which you will also understand the nuances of acting. There are both types of acting course part time and full time. Part time is suitable for those people who are busy with any other work throughout the day. In such a situation, these people can take an acting class at any time in the morning and evening. Part time acting class is 2 to 3 hours. These courses are of 3 to 6 months. Apart from this, there are also Weekend Acting Courses which hold classes 3 to 4 days a week. For this you can join the following course of acting .

Acting Course
  • Diploma in Acting (6-12 months) PG Diploma in Acting (1-2 years)
  • Fast Track Diploma in Acting (6-12 months)
  • Certificate Course in Acting (3-6 months)
  • Diploma in Performing Arts (2nd year)
  • Diploma in Dramatic Arts (2-3 years)
  • Bachelor in Performing Arts (3rd year)

Where to do acting course
Often people make this mistake in the selection of acting institute. People also take an acting course from any institute which is not suitable for them, then when they do not get work in the film industry, they curse their fate and come back home leaving Mumbai disappointed. Nowadays, many Acting Institutes are running, but only a few of them are good Acting Schools. There are some fraud type acting schools, which also take money from you, then in the name of teaching acting on the contrary, a direct acting trainer gives you training in acting. Therefore, do not take a course from such acting college or acting school.

We will tell you some good acting schools. Where professional people will teach you acting. Along with this, you will help to improve your acting skills. How do you qualify auditions. Accurate information about all these will be found. However, Acting School can not get anyone to work in acting. But good acting institutes will create such acting skills in you that you can easily fulfill your dream of becoming an actor.
People who join the wrong acting institute, where those students do not get the right guidance. Because of which both their time and money are wasted. So join such acting institutes, where some people have found work in acting after learning acting. Let us now tell you about the Best Acting Institute of India.
Best Acting Institute in India
  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  • National School of Drama, Delhi
  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
  • Anupam Kher Actor Prepares Institute, Mumbai Other Cities
  • Kishore Named Kapoor Acting Institute, Mumbai
  • Roshan Taneja Acting Institute, Mumbai
  • Barijan Acting Institute, Mumbai
  • Bharatendu Natya Academy, Lucknow
Film and Television Institute of India Government is the Film Institute. Admission here is through the entrance examination. The same National School of Drama, Bharatendu Natya Academy, both of these are also schools of Government Dramatic Arts. To get admission here, you must have done 6 to 10 dramas respectively. Here you also get about 10 to 15 thousand scholarships per month. Course fees are not very high in all these schools. Apart from this, you can also make a career in acting by performing a performing arts course from Government College.
Apart from this, all the other acting institutes are private and very film acting institutes. You have to give audition for take admission here. The fees of these acting schools can range from 1.5 lakh to 3 lakh or more for 3 to 6 months.
how to become an actor
How do you get work in acting
In the field of acting, work is done on the basis of audition. In order to work in any film or TV serial here, you have to first audition. At the audition you are given a script. Which can show you the performance of your acting by speaking in front of the camera. You get work in acting only if you have passed the audition.
So try to give maximum audition. By which you will keep knowing your mistake why your selection is not happening. In this way your mistakes will go away and you will be able to work in Acting easily one day. Often people make the same mistake, they are afraid to give auditions. When there was fear and panic, why come to the acting field? Don‘t come here just by looking at the glamour. If you have a passion for acting and you do not feel afraid and nervous to speak in front of the camera, then only you come into the field of acting. Due to fear and nervousness, people are unable to give auditions properly, due to which they are not able to be selected in any film or TV serial.
how to become an actor
Since the competition in the field of acting is very high, in such a situation you could always improve your acting skills. Some people think that the work in acting is available only to those whose background is from the film industry, but this is not completely true. If you have a worm for acting, then you too can be in their place.
You can also start your career with TV serials or ad films, because there is a chance to act a little easily here. Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India, CID, who are looking for new faces in TV programs for every episode. You audition in their production house, but here you can easily start acting actor.
how to become an actor
How to know about acting audition
Now it comes to know about the auditions of any film and TV serial. Come for this some good WhatsApp group can join. There are many groups related to the film industry in Mumbai, who charge you 400 to 500 rupees as a group member and keep you informed about the acting audition. Another way is to talk to people like you whenever you go to audition, take each other‘s numbers, and share each other’s audition information.
The third way to get information about the audition is to contact the casting director at the film and TV production house, Casting Agency. Try to get their contact number. Keep contacting them from time to time, so that you can get information about auditions. Film City Goregaon, Andheri, Aramnagar Infiniti Mole, etc. There are many film and TV serial auditions, you can also contact here.
how to become an actor
Apart from all these, there are some good Facebook groups as well, you can join them and get information about auditions. Make sure that there are no audition fees. If you are asked for registration or any money in anyone‘s name, then you do not give. This is the identity of the fraud people. Apart from this, you will also find some people, who will demand money from you and promise to get you work in any film or TV serial. Now these people will flatter you a lot and disappear with money. Just keep in mind that by paying money, you cannot get a role in any film or TV serial. Therefore, do not get caught in the affairs of brokers.
how to become an actor
Some Important Question Related to Acting Career
Let us now tell you about some important questions, which are often a wandering mind in the mind of those who make career in Acting. Those you need to know.
how to become an actor
What is the whole process of going to Film Acting?
The process of knowing in acting is that first of all you should learn acting. After this, come to Mumbai and give an audition. Before this, know where the auditions are taking place. How is an audition. Learn to recognize perfect and fraud auditions.

Can I get an opportunity to work in Acting in Film or TV Serial without doing an acting course?
There is no demand for a degree or diploma or certificate in acting in any film or TV serial to get work in acting. Have you done Acting Course or not. Nobody asks you this. Just you know acting, whether you have taken a course or not. Only your acting talent is needed here. Therefore, it is not necessary to take an acting course to make a career in acting.

The fees at the Best Acting Institute are very high, so how can we do the Acting Course?
If you are not able to pay the fees of a renowned acting institute, then you can take an acting and dramatic arts course from the Film and Television Institute of India, National School of Drama, Bharatendu Natya Academy, Maharaj Sayajirao University of Vadodara. Yes, the courses here are 2 to 3 years old. In such a situation, some people may have time problems.

Can you tell us about some acting institute where acting can be learned at a low fee?
If you cannot pay much fees, then you can do a part time or weekend acting course. Their fees are less. But they have some limitations. Their syllabus is limited. Apart from this, you can do Acting courses at some institutes like Kraft Film School Delhi, Asian Academy of Film and Television Noida, Digital Film Academy Mumbai, Institute of Creative Excellence Delhi. Here, the fees for 3 to 6 months of acting courses are around 30 to 80 thousand.

How can we learn acting without doing an acting course?
You can also learn acting without an acting course, for this, join a good theater group. After some time you can also earn here. A theatre group for learning Acting for free is a very good option. Also you create a YouTube channel. Make short films with your friends. Which will also improve your acting. If people like your YouTube channel, then you can also monetize your YouTube channel and earn from it.

Is it necessary to have a fair, beautiful and good body to become an actor?
Every type of people is in demand in the film industry. To become an actor, you do not have to be white, beautiful and body. There is a demand for a look according to the character here. Jayadadar has a good look and a right body demand for a lead role. But even for this, you are not necessarily very white and bodybuilder. Even if you are normal, it will also work. Your face should be camera friendly. Acting currently has work for all kinds of people.

How to identify fraud people in the film industry ?
Today, there are many broker types in the film industry. Whose job is just to cheat money from you. If someone asks you to give us so much money, I will get you a role in a film or TV serial. This means it is fraud. Work is not available in any film or TV serial. Only your talent works here. Apart from this, whenever you go to audition, if you are asked for any kind of charge, then it is fraud. This is how you can avoid fraud people.

What is an audition?
Just like when you go for any job, you have to give an interview there. Similarly, to get a job in Acting, you have to audition. In this, a script is given to you at the time of audition. Which you have to remember in 10 to 20 minutes. Then you have to show your acting with that dialogue. If your acting is correct according to the demanded character, then you get work in that film or TV serial.
how to become an actor
How to Give Audition for Film or TV Serial?
People often get scared at the time of audition, which is the main reason for their failure. Often we know the date of auditions beforehand. Therefore, according to the character for which you have to audition, practice a lot in front of the lead at home. By doing this, you will get confidence and you will be able to give the right audition. Just as the character is in demand, if you go to audition by creating the same look, you can easily succeed.
Most of the people make the mistake that if they are going to audition for the role of beggar, then they will go to look exactly like a hero. Which will surely fail you. If you are going to audition for a beggar‘s character, then by creating such a look in real life, there are chances of being successful. Similarly, you can make the look of whatever character you go to audition for.

  1. When you go to audition, do not be afraid or nervous. Why did you fear and panic. There are hundreds of auditions in Mumbai everyday, so give auditions without fear. If the selection is good then prepare for the next audition.
  2. Whenever you go to audition, do not think that you will not get work due to smart people.  Give your Audition with complete confidence. There is no need for smart and beautiful people here. Only the acting talent is needed here.

how to become an actor

How to get a quick roll in a film or TV serial?
There is no shortcut to work here. Yes, it is definitely so, if you follow the right strategy, you can get some work done easily and quickly. The first thing is to give maximum audition. If you failed the audition, then try to find out the reason and correct that mistake. It becomes a bit difficult to work in films. That‘s why you give auditions for TV Serial, Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India, Ad Films. Here you get some work or role in Acting easily. Apart from this, you can also come into acting through modelling.