how to host a website on godaddy

Asked 23-Jul-2020
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Go Daddy provides a hosting service that you simply can use to create your business’ website. After you finish coding your website, you need to upload the files and pictures to the Go Daddy server. You can also use the built-in File Manager on the Go Daddy account website to browse and upload files to the hosting server. Once you’ve uploaded your website to the server, your pages and files are available for the general public to view and access.

1-Launch a Web browser, navigate to your Go Daddy account and log in.

2-Click the “Web Hosting” link and click “Launch” under the domain name of your hosting account. You will see the Hosting center , which allows you to view and edit files on the Go Daddy hosting server.

3-Click “FTP File Manager” within the Tools section of the control panel.

4-Click a folder name within the folder tree to pick the folder where you would like to upload your website files.

5-Now Click “Upload” from the menu bar to browse your computer for website files.

6-Double-click a enter the browsing window to pick it. You can also hold the “Ctrl” key and select multiple files, and then click “Open.”

7-Click “Upload” to transfer your website files to the Go Daddy hosting server.