which is better government bjp or congress for the poor faimily of india

Asked 16-Jul-2020
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There is no permanent ideology of any party in India. Politics in the whole world is divided between left and right, conservative and modern, there is no clear division in India. Previously Congress was a party of Brahmin and Rajput, today BJP's There are vote banks.

First, Congress moved from socialism to capitalism, now BJP is moving from indigenous to foreign. Politics in India is based on issues, not ideology and the party's stance on these issues changes according to convenience.

The second big drawback that I will tell you is that the Congress is better than the BJP, I believe that the policies of the Congress have been better and the BJP's performance in implementing these policies. Understand that the GST and Aadhaar were the brainchildren of the Congress, but the BJP implemented them better.

The BJP's performance in implementing its policies like Startup or Skill India has been poor. Good policy and better implementation for a better India are required. 

For someone else, the BJP is a better government because whatever basic issues it raised at the time of its establishment, it has completed it within the light and scope of the Constitution, which is an unprecedented success. Congress is a family, so it would be better not to say anything.